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How to minimise the crushing cost of glass recycling

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Glass is the ideal material for recycling, and where it is used for new glass container manufacture it is infinitely recyclable. The use of recycled glass in new containers conserves raw materials, reduces energy consumption and reduces the volume of waste sent to landfill.

Around 750,000 tonnes of glass bottles are thrown out every year in the UK from hotels, pubs, restaurants and cafes, with up to 75% being sent to landfill sites. The UK has a current municipal recycling rate of 34% for container glass. This is poor when you consider that some European countries recycle more than 90% of their container waste and recycling figures of more than 50% are the norm.

Disposal of waste to landfill sites is becoming increasingly expensive due to higher gate fees and increases in landfill tax. Landfill tax is currently £24 per tonne and is planned to increase to £32 per tonne in 2008, with a target of £35 per tonne. The Government is currently consulting on setting a target for diversion of 63% of commercial waste from landfill by 2010.

PEL Recycling Equipment identified this high cost of disposing of glass bottles and subsequently designed and developed the revolutionary, patented PEL Bottle Crusher.

The Bottle Crusher, with its volume feed system, allows 680 bottles to be processed through its specially designed system of hammers in less than 10 minutes, reducing the glass down to cullet form.

This product will drastically reduce a consumer’s bin volume from five to one, and thus reduce collection costs by 80%. Furthermore, the machine has a built-in extraction system to eliminate glass particles or dust being inhaled by the user, thus combining safety and ease of use with performance, functionality and reliability.

PEL is a leading manufacturer of waste equipment and is renowned for quality, reliability and innovation, with an unrivalled reputation for customer service and support that gives total peace of mind every time a customer chooses a PEL product.

See the PEL Bottle Crusher and other PEL products on display at Stand E17 of the Vintra Exhibition, at Kings Hall Exhibition and Conference Centre, Belfast, on 4-6 February, and at the RWM Exhibition, NEC Birmingham from 16-18 September.