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New Addition to the Photometer Family


The new compact photometer PF-3 is the youngest member of the MACHEREY-NAGEL (Germany) photometer family. The instrument is the logical addition to our product portfolio and perfectly fits our tradition of reliability, user friendliness and innovation.

As the PF-3 will be equipped with three different wavelengths, it will be available in multiple versions. The first one will comprise the classic swimming pool parameters (chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity). In the near future, more versions will come to market, enabling additional applications in different areas and industries. All instruments will be able to read both our proven VISOCOLOR ECO tests as well as our high-end NANOCOLOR tube tests.

The PF-3 guarantees a high degree of measurement safety and reliability. To generate highest precision, we have equipped the PF-3’s optics with especially selected LEDs and premium interference filters. Our unique “Open-Slot” technology allows you to measure without cuvette slot cover, thus underlining the high technical standard of the instrument. In consequence, all users experience easy and intuitive use paired with high result safety.

For the PF-3, similarly to all other MACHEREY-NAGEL instruments, not only measurement accuracy but also easy user guidance is a top priority. Due to the back-lit graphic display and the intuitive menu structure, working with the PF-3 is a breeze. The user interface relies on context-sensitive display icons, which are accessed via 4 buttons underneath the screen. Thus, the instrument features an especially easy, clear and language independent user guidance, which still provides a complete menu structure.

Any adequate measuring device needs to display the results in the respective unit, to increase measurement safety. The PF-3 goes the extra mile, as it enables you to choose from a variety of units per parameter, thus saving time and effort for needless conversions.
With the “0-Set function”, you can optionally save the zero measurement for our VISOCOLOR ECO tests within the instrument, thus significantly saving time when performing multiple measurements from the same sample.

As a compact and handy instrument, the PF-3 is mainly intended for mobile use and consequently it is adequately robust. The instrument is well protected even against external influences as it features a glass fibre reinforced housing and shock resistant optics. Obviously, the instrument is water and dust proof according to IP 67 and thus enables reliable performance even under the worst conditions.
The variable power supply options guarantee safe and constant measurements in any situation and put the user at ease. Next to using (re-chargeable) batteries, the instrument can be run directly via a USB-cable. Moreover, an optional accu-pack that is charged directly via the USB-port adds another dimension of flexibility for the user.

In addition to multiple power supply options, the USB-port offers the possibility to transfer data to a computer in a modern and intuitive way. The memory of the instrument can store up to 50 measurements, even increasing the PF-3’s in-field capabilities. To heighten user friendliness and comfort, MACHEREY-NAGEL provides an extensive data export software free of charge with every instrument. Therefore, data management becomes convenient, easy and efficient.

One of the PF-3’s most special features is the modular test selection. This option allows users to afterwards add all parameters to the instrument which can be measured given the version’s wavelength – irrespective of the initially pre-programmed tests. This function will be available quickly and easily via the internet. Thus, we already cater to our customers’ future needs enabling them to benefit from all the options of our system without incurring unnecessary costs.

The new PF-3 from MACHEREY-NAGEL is the perfect photometer for specific applications directly at the point of interest, process controls or mobile analytics.