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Chameleon: New File Import Application

ALS Environmental are proud to announce the introduction of a new file import application that is now available. Chameleon is an in-house built application that generates Excel registration files, that when completed, can be directly imported into ALS' sample registration system.

This application is suitable for customers to log their sample and analytical requirements or the registration team to enter sample information for received samples. In both instances, if the file is completed correctly, it will make the registration process more efficient and accurate. There are however a few factors that would need to be considered to establish a customer's suitability. Also a customer that already has a specific file import set up would not be able to use Chameleon files.

ALS Environmental's customer service team can send you an example file for Chameleon which is tailor-made based upon active projects currently set up on their system. Customers are then able to assess if this format is suitable and meets their requirements, eliminating the need for physical handwritten/typed chain of custody forms.

Chameleon has been developed for increased efficiency and will also complement their online service offering myALS. If you do have any questions regarding Chameleon or myALS, call 02476 421 213.