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The AGT GSM Temperature Monitor

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The AGT GSM Temperature Monitor is a remote controlled device that can monitor temperature and report back by SMS text message or by email. It will respond with the current temperature when sent a text message, and will automatically send warnings when pre-set temperature limits are exceeded.

Also, it has a “Ring Out” mode, where it will dial up to 10 telephone numbers to 'ring the phone' The incoming caller ID tells the receiver that the AGT is calling with a temperature issue. The temperature sensor is digital and operates via a built-in RS232 port, and is supplied with.

The unit is powered from a 5 – 15V SC supply via a supplied mains adaptor, incorporates a global GSM/GPRS engine and needs only a SIM card and a GSM signal to operate. The operating temperature range is -30 to 75°C, additionally, the AGT can be programmed to log the temperature data at pre-set intervals and then to email the data log as a .CSV file once an hour.

Aptifirst’s Managing Director, Roy Carter, said, “The AGT is a welcome and complementary addition to our range, with applications including building management and automation, and monitoring temperatures of cold storage, air conditioned rooms, hospital wards, food preparation areas, green houses, laboratories, quality test facilities, museums, archives, galleries, stately homes, factories and many more.”