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Impact of Low Carbon Technologies further refined

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Modelling of the impact of low carbon technologies has been refined further as part of the ongoing work Energy Networks Association (ENA) has commissioned on behalf of the DECC/Ofgem Smart Grid Forum. It will enable DNOs to more accurately plan for smart and conventional network reinforcement that will save consumers money.

As well as supporting the networks to compare different capacity solutions, the model, which was commissioned from EA Technology Ltd (EATL) and initially launched in July 2012, enables Ofgem and DECC to assess the likely effects of new initiatives.

It has now been enhanced to the current ‘Transform Model’ and now provides additional breakdown for the licence areas of the UK, fully reflects the latest Government scenarios in line with the Fourth Carbon Budget and represents the best information available to DNOs as they have been preparing their business plans for the RIIO price control process which has started this year.

Welcoming the partnership and developments, ENA Chief Executive David Smith, said:

“Our work as part of the Smart Grid Forum is vital to ensuring an informed strategy for meeting the challenges of our energy future. A smart grid will save consumers money and deliver on the need for sustainable, secure and affordable solutions.

“The development of smart networks is critical for delivering low carbon generation and to make more efficient use of existing assets to offset the need for more copper in the ground.”