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RSPH Cryptosporidiosis Conference

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ALS Environmental would like to announce that they will be attending the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Event on the 15th March 2018 at Portland Place in London.The title of this conference is 'Cryptosporidiosis: an essential update on the risks from recreational, drinking waters & food'. The RSPH and and the Cryptosporidium Reference Unit, Public Health Wales, will be providing background and new information on Cryptosporidiosis outbreaks. Also included is the ongoing research in recreational waters, drinking waters and food.

To see the full conference programme, please click here.

Various leading experts within Public Health and Disease Control and Prevention will be imparting their knowledge and experience through presentations and questions & answers sessions. Titles of the some of the subjects being presented include:

  • UK recreational water outbreaks
  • What influences Cryptosporidum in leisure pools? Information from the first UK survey
  • Water for drinking - the outcome of research on use of UV in PWS

This event is essential for those with responsibilities for recreational waters, including swimming pools and interactive water features. This could be advantageous for anyone involved in, or in control of Local Authorities, Public Health, the hotel and leisure industry, food regulation and production, and testing laboratories.

ALS are proud to offer UKAS and DWTS accredited Cryptosporidium results on the following matrices; Drinking, surface, recreational and water treatment samples also gravel and sand. They are also able to provide a Cryptosporidium identification service that can categorise any isolated Cryptosporidium into Cryptosporidium parvum or hominis and other genotypes.

Click here to see a technical datasheet about Cryptosporidium

ALS are also able to analyse your samples according to The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group Code of Practice (PWTAG). Following this code of practice gives assurance to operators and the public that your recreational pool water meets healthy operational standards.

To find out more about PWTAG, see a technical datasheet here

For more information on Cryptosporidium analysis, Legionella testing and MALDI-ToF confirmation, or for any other enquires, please request a quote, contact ALS or call us on 02476 421 213.