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WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference 2017

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The 6th annual WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference is being held in Birmingham on the 30th November and ALS Environmental are proud to be exhibiting.

As the water industry prepares for the next Asset Management Period (AMP) cycle and Price Review 2019 (PR19), water companies must find more innovative ways to enhance their business plans and prepare for long term challenges. Increased regulatory pressures and customer expectations, along with competition, has essentially led to a need for new solutions to keep costs low and keep efficiency high.

Building on the success of the previous five years, the 2017 conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to discover how their peers are utilising technologies such as desalination, gasification, drones and other advancements. It will also address how to provide the delegates with the tools to facilitate innovation within their own organisations.

The conference will offer a wealth of knowledge from a selection of guest speakers. Some of the innovation goals and long term planning subjects being discussed are 'Encouraging innovation in the water sector - Ofwats expectations for PR19', 'How are we planning for long term innovation' and 'Cross-sector innovation: how could the gas sector creates an innovative culture'. There are also 'breakout' sessions in the afternoon designed for discussions and questions regarding additional technological advancements.

Please click here to see the full agenda.

ALS Environmental's experience of managing water utility samples is exceptional and they are able to achieve DWI requirements for both method recovery and precision. They offer an extensive range of chemical analysis on all clean and drinking water samples in compliance with the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate), the Environment Agency and the Environment Protection Agency Ireland.

Their UKAS and DWTS accredited laboratories are specifically designed for drinking water chemistry and microbiological analysis whilst utilising automation, sample tracking and the latest analytical methods and techniques. The safety, security and quality analysis of their customers' samples is the number one priority for ALS Environmental.

To find out more about the Water Utilities testing, please click here.

The company's commitment to the provision of safe and clean drinking water is unwavering. The number of Utilities and Drinking Water Companies that choose ALS Environmental demonstrates their position as one of the leading drinking water analysis providers in the UK today.

They can also design a drinking water analysis and sampling programme to suit your specific requirements. They have a comprehensive understanding of the legislative, environmental and consumer pressures on drinking water providers.

For any queries on ALS Environmental's Drinking Water Testing Services, Utility Testing, DWTS accreditation or for any other enquiries, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call your Customer Services Co-Ordinator on 02476 421 213.