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Sempergreen® acts on high mortality rate bees and butterflies

In recent years, the global bee and butterfly populations have deteriorated at an alarming rate. One of the reasons for this is the increasing absence of nectar and pollen. Bees and butterflies play a vital role in food production and biodiversity, and more than 80% of all plants eaten by human beings all over the world depend on pollination by bees for their survival. These developments were enough reason for Sempergreen® to take action, which led to the development of the Bees & Butterflies blanket.

Irresistible to bees and butterflies.

In collaboration with the Dutch Bees and Butterfly Conservation Foundation, a wide variety of host plants and mellifluous plants were selected for the Bees & Butterflies blanket. These plants, more than 50 species in all, have various flowering periods, ranging from early spring to late autumn. Bees and butterflies feed on nectar plants. Host plants serve as food for caterpillars, which means that they form a vital link in the transformation process from egg to butterfly.

Free of pesticides.

Sempergreen uses no pesticides whatsoever during® the production process, and all Sempergreen® vegetation blankets are therefore 100% organic and environmentally friendly. Urban areas often offer little space for biodiversity, and micro habitats are usually disrupted where construction takes place. The Bees & Butterflies blanket accelerates the revival of these micro habitats and helps restore the ecological cycle.

Festive launching on the Polderdak roof in Amsterdam.

On 25 September, the very first B&B blanket project was revealed during a festive launching ceremony on the well-known Polderdak in Amsterdam. Among the guests were the Dakdokters, an organisation specialised in sustainable roofing, and the Dutch Butterfly Conservation Foundation. This beautiful green roof garden with dynamic water storage facilities is situated right on top of a creative hotspot named the Old School. It is a source of inspiration for numerous space planners and real estate developers. One of the features of this remarkable roof is that the rain water has three different possible destinations; it is either re-used, collected or drained. This first Bees & Butterflies blanket project was installed in collaboration with the Dakdokters.

The Dutch Bees and Butterfly Conservation Foundation receives a donation for each m2.

Sempergreen's® contribution towards preventing the further decline of bee and butterfly populations comprises more than the construction of green roofs. The nationally active Dutch Bees and Butterfly Conservation Foundation receives a donation for each m2 that is sold. These contributions enable us to continue to support present and future research into the global decline of bees and butterflies.

Continuous research to develop the optimal plant mix.

Sempergreen® does much more than cultivate vegetation blankets. It is also a knowledge partner in the field of sustainable roofing. Sempergreen® continually invests in research to develop an optimal mix of plants for bees, butterflies and other insects, in which it collaborates closely with the Dutch Butterfly Conservation Foundation and various colleges and universities.