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Data Automation and LIMSS Exhibited at Pittcon

altAccelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (USA), a supplier of Laboratory Data Management Solutions and Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) European partner, the Institute for Consulting and Data Handling (iCD), will again be exhibiting together in booth #1809 at PITTCON, March 17 - 21, 2013, at the newly expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

ATL will be unveiling its new Sample Master iLIMS - a 100 percent web-based version of our Sample Master LIMS, built on .NET framework. Sample Master iLIMS boasts a brand new look and feel, perfect for those organisations with multiple US locations or global operations, and an interest in utilising tablet technology (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Trimble, etc.). The software will leverage the modularity and user friendliness for which Sample Master has become known, with additional new features and integration with the latest version of Result Point.

How Donors Trust distributed millions to anti-climate groups

altRecipients included some of the best-known thinktanks on the right. The American Enterprise Institute, which is closely connected to the Republican party establishment and has a large staff of scholars, received more than $17m in untraceable donations over the years, the record show.

But relatively obscure organisations did not go overlooked. The Heartland Institute, virtually unknown outside the small world of climate politics, received $13.5m from the Donors Trust.

Discrete Analysers by Thermo Fisher Scientific

altThermo Fisher Scientific (Finland) has provided solutions for the water and waste water laboratories for over 20 years with the family of AquakemTM and GalleryTM analysers. These analysers utilise discrete cell technology which significantly reduces analysis time. Applications are based on photometric measurements. Easy-to-use analysers are ready for immediate analysis, start-up and shut down protocols are automated and once loaded, they automate all necessary steps, providing a walk-away time from two to four hours.

Cryogenic Grinding was Never more Convenient or Efficient

altFor size reduction of sample materials which cannot be processed at room temperature, the CryoMill from RETSCH (Germany) is the ideal choice. An integrated cooling system ensures that the grinding jar is continually cooled with liquid nitrogen before and during the grinding process. Thus the sample is embrittled and volatile components are preserved. An Autofill System provides liquid nitrogen in the required amount so that the user never gets into direct contact with the LN2 which makes operating the mill particularly safe.

Environmental Monitoring under the Microscope

altEnvironmental monitoring specialist, enitial (UK), has been selected as a preferred partner of the National Laboratory Service (NLS) to provide a comprehensive environmental sampling, monitoring and analysis service.

The framework of suppliers, which has been set up by NLS to help meet the demands of its growing commercial portfolio, includes four providers of sample and field based services, one of which is enitial.

Ivor Parry, business development director at enitial said: “enitial is always striving to provide a high quality service and has worked with the National Laboratory Service (NLS) previously to provide a sampling service that is second to none. Being chosen as a preferred partner is testament to the unrivalled level of sampling and field based services we offer.”

Bar Raised for Emissions Analysers

altGasmet Technologies (Finland) have announced that their FTIR-based Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) has received approval from TÜV, the international certification body, for the EN 15267-3 standard, which is more recent and more stringent than the existing German Type Approval and QAL1 certificate, EN14181. This means that the Gasmet CEMS is approved for additional calibration ranges and an increased H2O range up to 40%.

Highlighting the importance of this certificate, Gasmet’s Antti Heikkilä says “The ranges for CO, NO, SO2, H2O have been increased and this certificate demonstrates the low, fully compliant, measurement uncertainties that we can achieve. This is a good indicator of the high quality of the analyser, but it also offers practical advantages. For example, the low measurement uncertainties for N2O and CO2 (5% of measuring range or less) mean that the CEMS system can now be used to monitor Greenhouse gases for emissions trading in addition to measuring pollutants for compliance monitoring purposes.”

Remote Gas Analysis

altSpecific controllers and analysers are installed to perform a continuous emission monitoring (CEM) of chimney emissions, to detect the release of dangerous gases, or to analyse ambient air quality.

Gas analysis data from different locations can be wirelessly transmitted to a central location, eliminating the need for installing cables.

Wireless Gas Detection Sensors - Ideal for Mobile Applications

altDetcon’s (USA) rugged new CXT-Series wireless gas detection sensors are designed for use in heavy industrial environments and especially suitable for mobile applications. These “environmentally bulletproof” field devices include fully encapsulated sensor electronics housed in a stainless steel enclosure, thereby eliminating potential damage that may be caused from water ingress.

The CXT is equipped with one of two sensor technologies - electrochemical to monitor toxic gases, and infra-red for combustible hydrocarbons. Power is supplied by a rechargeable Smart Battery Pack or disposable battery options. When powered by the Smart Battery Pack, infra-red sensors can work continuously for more than six months, and indefinitely with accompanying solar panels.

Beijing Biogas Measured with UK Analyser

altAt the Liulitun landfill in Haidian District of Beijing, the operator specified their requirement for a landfill gas analyser with ‘high accuracy and strong stability’. After a competitive pitch by Geotech distributor, Onuee Electronics, they selected the Geotech (UK) GA3000 fixed landfill gas analyser.

Landfill operation started in 1999 at the Liulitun landfill and it continues to take 1,500 tonnes of waste every day. Currently it has four flares and the site operator uses the Geotech GA3000 to measure methane concentration of the landfill gas.

New Technologies in Almost Every Area of Hydrometeorology Launched at WWEM

altOTT Hydrometry (UK) will unveil a new groundwater monitor, a new portable flow meter and a new range of dataloggers at WWEM 2012. OTT MD Simon Wills says “This will be a very exciting event because we will be launching new technologies in almost every area of hydrometeorology.”  

OTT’s stand (No. 105) will feature the ‘OTT netDL’ (internet datalogger) series, which have been designed to improve remote monitoring by making communications easier, more reliable and less expensive. Discharge monitoring will be a major theme, with the new OTT MF Pro electromagnetic current meter offering an alternative to propeller and ADC meters. New technology will also be on show for groundwater monitoring including the new ecoLog 500 and the ecoLog 800 (CTD).  

Vestas 8 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Could Power Up To 3200 Homes

altVestas increased the size of their latest wind turbine in order to bump up the capacity from 7 MW to 8 MW. The V164 platform was from the very beginning developed with a possible potential of increasing the turbine size. The progress in the technology development has now shown that an 8 MW version will offer lower cost of energy and at the same time keep the reliability and structural integrity of the turbine unchanged.

The balance of plant will be reduced due to the increased power output per turbine. This means that the cost of energy will be reduced as the number of turbines, foundations, etc., as well as the required number of service visits will also decrease.

Renaults 100% Electric Kangoo Van Z.E range confirmed as eligible for new plug-in van grant

Environment UK Kangoo Van Z.E.Renault’s Kangoo Van Z.E. range is now eligible for the UK’s new Plug-in Van Grant, offering buyers up to 20% off its purchase price*. In the case of the current International Van of the Year, the new initiative brings the line-up’s already tempting starting price down to £13,592 excluding VAT.

Kangoo Van Z.E., the world’s first 100% electric commercial vehicle produced directly by a mass market manufacturer, was confirmed eligible for the Government’s new Plug-in Van Grant earlier today, as one of just seven vans, by Transport Secretary Justine Greening and Business Minister Mark Prisk.

Rainmaker LLC. announces representation of Terragon environmental Technologies, Inc.

Environment UK rainmakerRainmaker LLC., U.S. is pleased to announce its representation of Terragon Environmental Technologies, Inc. Terragon's revolutionary waste elimination technology, MAGS, transforms solid and oily waste into safe bio-char, thermal energy, and syngas, which it uses to fuel the system. This makes it one of the world's most environmentally friendly appliances. Such innovative technology provides superior waste management for today's marine and offshore environment.

Adeptra reflects on inspiring year of innovation and reveals powerful technology roadmap at annual EMEA User Group

The market leader in automated consumer engagement, has wrapped up an extremely positive 2011 EMEA User Group Conference attended by senior fraud, customer service, collections and risk professionals from many of Europe's largest card issuers and banks. The annual event highlighted the rapid pace of technical change at Adeptra, as well as the ever-increasing demand for sophisticated solutions from Adeptra's global client base.

Golf Blue-e-Motion proves its mettle in RAC Future Car Challenge

The Volkswagen_Golf_Blue-e-MotionA pre-production Golf Blue-e-Motion electric vehicle has won its class in the RAC Future Car Challenge for the second time, using the least energy to cover a 57-mile route from Brighton’s Madeira Drive to Pall Mall in the heart of London. This year’s Challenge attracted a larger entry list than the inaugural event, including hybrids and fuel cell models as well as highly efficient diesel cars such as the Passat BlueMotion. The Golf was named the Most Energy Efficient Regular Car (Prototype) class.

Nissan to donate quick chargers to speed development of national EV charging network

nissan• 400 quick chargers to be given away free by Nissan
• Installation in high profile locations starting February 2012
• Charge to 80% in 30 minutes

Nissan is accelerating plans for a European-wide Quick Charge (QC) network for electric vehicles by giving away 400 new quick charging stations free of charge.

Zero emissions: an idea worth spreading

renault_nissanPARIS (July 11, 2011) — Some of the world’s greatest minds will be able to test-drive the latest in zero-emission technology when the Renault-Nissan Alliance takes part in a global conference of artists, scientists, economists, philosophers and activists this week in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is the automotive partner of the annual TEDGlobal conference, an event which aims to answer questions such as ‘How can life be better lived?’ The 2011 TEDGlobal will be held July 11-15, and a highlight for nearly 1,000 participants will be driving Renault and Nissan’s zero-emission vehicles at the show and on the surrounding streets of Edinburgh.

New study on car subsidy schemes

leafCar fleet renewal programmes in US, France, Germany fall short of their potential on emissions and safety benefits

Car fleet renewal schemes introduced in the US, France and Germany fell short of their potential to deliver on environmental and safety objectives, according to a new report published by the International Transport Forum at the OECD and the FIA Foundation today.

The focus of the 70-page study are three of the largest car fleet renewal schemes introduced primarily to stimulate consumer spending on cars in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis.

Opel/Vauxhall and Europcar launch major electric vehicle co-operation

vauxhallEuropcar offers Ampera as rental car across Europe from end of 2011.Cooperation brings Europe’s first electric vehicle offering ‘go anywhere at any time’ mobility to a wider audience

Rüsselsheim/Luton/St. Quentin en Yvelines.  Opel/Vauxhall, one of Europe’s largest automakers, and Europcar, the leading car rental company in Europe, have announced an agreement to introduce the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera as a rental car throughout Europe.

Transport minister opens green charging facility

leafBRENTWOOD, Essex, 6th July, 2011 – The Transport Minister, Norman Baker MP, today opened a new solar assisted electric vehicle charging facility at the Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) in Rainham, East London.  Ford Transit Connect Electric vehicles were the first users of the facility, known as eTap, installed by Essex-based company Use The Sun Ltd.

NISSAN wins Green Car Guide award

nissan-leaf-electric-vehicleNissan has been awarded Green-Car-Guide’s Greenest Manufacturer of the Year Award for showing real commitment and leadership with the launch of the all-electric Nissan LEAF. presents its Greenest Manufacturer Award every year with the aim of recognising manufacturers that have made a special contribution by offering motorists more efficient, lower carbon vehicles – as long as they are also great to drive.