BBC staff criticized for ‘Blinkered Broadcasting on Climate’.


At 8.30am on Wednesday 26th March, activists from Climate Rush will redecorate the main visitors’ entrance to Broadcasting House, Portland Place.

Members of the environmental action group will divide the iconic entrance in two and invite the BBC’s staff to choose which entrance they walk through, and so which organization they work for. The options are: ‘Blinkered Broadcasting on Climate’ or ‘Best Broadcaster on Climate’.

The protest follows widespread criticism of the BBC’s reporting on climate change. In the aftermath of the winter’s floods, The Today programme was especially condemned after inviting Lord Nigel Lawson to debate the impacts of climate change with Professor Brian Hoskins, a climate scientist from Imperial College London and Royal Society. Lord Lawson presented much false data as fact and was given equal time to put across climate change denial arguments, despite not being a scientist, or a climate scientist.

Elisabeth Whitebread, a marine expert and Climate Rush activist said:
“I love the BBC. They create great programmes which are watched all around the world. But, they are letting us down with their biased coverage of climate change. As a public service broadcaster, they have a responsibility to reflect facts neutrally and in line with the scientific evidence. When high profile shows such as the Today programme persist in giving equal time to climate change deniers, the BBC are guilty of grossly misleading the public. And given the potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change in the decades to come, this has dangerous consequences. “

The activists from Climate Rush invited BBC staff to support ‘fair, balanced and impartial’ climate change coverage by entering Broadcasting House through their ‘Best Broadcaster on Climate’ entrance.