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Atritor Limited

Atritor Limited

Google Map 12 The Stampings
Blue Ribbon Park
West Midlands
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Mark Hulme
Phone: 024 7666 2266
Fax: 024 7666 5751

The Atritor Turbo Separator designed to separate the contents from the packaging of a range of materials.

The Turbo Separator is ideal for the de-packaging of out-of-spec, out-dated or mislabelled food stuffs and beverages and has the ability to reclaim up to 99% of dry or liquid products from their containers.

Examples of materials separated from its packaging include beans, cigarettes, deodorants, processed meats, bread, soups, beverages, coleslaw, detergents, pasta, potato chips, sugar, biscuits, coffee, gravy granules, pet foods, powdered milk, milk, tea, fruit juices, vegetables, cereals, cheese, custard, confectionery, yoghurt, ready meals, sandwiches, chemicals, cosmetics, paint, oil, insecticides and gypsum from plasterboard.

Types of packaging separated include tin cans, tin trays, plastic bottles, soft packaging, aluminium cans, sachets, pouches, polymer bags, paper bags ,boxed products, tetra paks, plastic containers, steel drums, blister packs, tubes, cartons, plastic jars and cardboard containers.

Turbo Separator clients include Food Manufacturers, Renderers, Anaerobic Digestion Plants, Waste Companies, Composters, Waste-to-Energy Plants, Secure Destruction, Animal Feed Manufacturers, Cosmetic Manufacturers and Plasterboard Recyclers.

De-packaging through puts up to 25,000kg/h can be achieved separating mixed packaged supermarket food waste with the largest Turbo Separator presently available.

Tel: 024 7666 2266

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