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University of Manchester - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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We are a School of biologists, chemists, physicists, geologists, mathematicians, and computer scientists, who work together to study the Earth and planets. Our courses cover the full breadth of the Earth, planetary and environmental sciences, reflecting the main research themes that are fundamental to the work we do in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Environmental Sciences is one of the degree courses we offer, which may be extended to four years (MEnvSci) including the option to spend a year at a University overseas or in industry, to give you significant extra research or vocational experience that will make you more attractive to future employers in both academia and industry.

In the first year all degrees take the same course units. These span the breadth of the natural sciences, focusing on understanding the evolution of the Earth's environment in terms of its atmosphere, biosphere and geosphere and allow you to change between any of our degree pathways up until the end of your first year. During this year you'll gain a thorough grounding in the physical, chemical and biological processes that have shaped the Earth and other planets in the present day and through geological time. You'll also be introduced to the key observational, laboratory and field skills that you'll need as an Environmental scientist.

After the first year you select one possible pathways through the subject (in the Environmental Sciences these are Pollution and Environmental Processes, Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology and Atmospheric Science). Each pathway is defined to ensure you develop core knowledge alongside a choice of optional units. You can tailor your studies to your own academic interests by choosing a set of units that allow you to focus on a particular aspect of the Earth’s environmental system. During the final year of your degree you'll undertake a research project that is tailored to your degree pathway. You will collect data in the field and laboratory to answer a scientific question of your choice. You will also study advanced units on your chosen pathway.

Undergraduate courses:

Environmental Science [BSc]
Environmental Science [MEnvSci]
Environmental Science with a Year Abroad [MEnvSci]
Environmental Science with Year in Industry [MEnvSci]

Postgraduate courses:

Pollution and Environmental Control [MSc]