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University of Hertfordshire - Geography, Environment and Agriculture

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An understanding of the world from social, economic, political and environmental perspectives has never been more critical.
Our geography degree is aimed at students who want to develop their knowledge of our rapidly changing world by combining elements of physical and human geography.

The environmental management degree at the University of Hertfordshire – which can be combined with a degree in agriculture – is designed to develop your understanding of environmental processes, their measurement, and the techniques used to better manage the interrelationships between society and the environment.

In close collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College, Rothamsted Research and Oaklands College, we offer a unique degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security with integrated work placements in research institutions and industry.

Our facilities include extensive computing and informatics resources are complemented by several well-equipped specialist laboratories, staffed by experts.

We have four dedicated laboratories for geographical and environmental science. They house field study materials and aerial photography; IT and research resources for geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing; equipment for testing sediments; petrological microscopes; geological maps; and a rock and fossil collection.

In spring 2017 we are opening a landmark new development, our stunning science building will bring all our science facilities under one roof. Light, airy and full of state-of-the-art equipment, it will house laboratories, cutting-edge research technology and areas for informal learning and socialising.

Undergraduate courses

Geography (BSc Honours)
UCAS code: F800,F801,F802,F808
Human Geography (BSc Honours)
UCAS code: L700,L701
Human Geography with Environmental Studies (BSc Honours)
UCAS code: L7F9,L7F8
Physical Geography (BSc Honours)
UCAS code: F804,F805
Environmental Management (BSc Honours)
UCAS code: F855,F856,F857,F918
Environmental Management with Agriculture (BSc Honours)
UCAS code: F7D4,F7D5
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (BSc Honours)
UCAS code: 4S63

Postgraduate courses

Environmental Management (MSc, PgD, PgC, AIEMA)
Environmental Management for Agriculture (MSc)
Environmental Management for Business (MSc, PgD, PgC, AIEMA)
Sustainable Planning (MSc)
Sustainable Planning and Environmental Management (MSc)
Sustainable Planning and Transport (MSc)
Water and Environmental Management (MSc, PgD, PgC, AIEMA)