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Industrial Gas Sensor Division Relocates Following Acquisition

altNewly-formed SGX Sensortech Limited (UK) has cemented its recent multi-million pound acquisition of the instrumentation solutions business from e2v Technologies PLC with a move to new premises for one of its UK divisions.

The Industrial Gas Sensors division of SGX, the leading designer and manufacturer of gas sensors and x-ray detectors, has relocated from the site it occupied on Waterhouse Lane in Chelmsford for the last 50 years.

The move has seen the entire team transfer to a (8,500 sq ft) factory specifically modified to cater for sensor production on Hanbury Road in Chelmsford.


All of Your Gas Sampling Needs Covered

altJCT Analysentechnik GmbH (Austria) is a specialist company in the field of gas conditioning and emission monitoring. Their product range covers all parts needed for effective and efficient gas sampling including everything from heated gas sampling probes, heated hoses and gas conditioners – also for portable applications and where ATEX certification is needed.

With a global network of distributors and OEM partners JCT products and solutions are successfully deployed in leading power generation plants, the cement, mineral, iron & steel industry, the manufacturing industry, waste incinerators and also authorities, institutes and universities.


Monitoring Products at London Olympic and Paralympic Games

altModern Water (UK) the owner of water technologies for the production of fresh water and monitoring of water quality, is pleased to announce that two of its Microtox M500 monitoring products were successfully used during the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London.

Microtox is an industry product which detects toxins in water and has been used at every summer Olympics and Paralympics since 1984. Once again this year, Thames Water, the provider of all the drinking water for the 2012 Olympic Games, decided to use the Microtox M500 units to test drinking water at the Olympic Park during the Games.


The New Catalogue of Pyroelectric Detectors Now Available

altThe new Infratec (Germany) catalogue edition for the sensor division is now available. According to Infratec's product portfolio extension, in their catalogue you can now find data sheets and circuit examples of the new single channel detectors LME-336 and LME-352 with very low power consumption. The group of multi-colour detectors has been extended to include the miniature 2-channel detector LIM-102 in TO46 housing and the 3-channel detector LIM-253 in TO39 housing. Detectors with the tunable Fabry-Pérot-Filter have been extended to now include the long-wave option LFP-80105.


Abandoned mine water levels being monitored

altThe Environment Agency of England and Wales (EA) is monitoring water levels at an abandoned mine near Baldhu, Cornwall amid fears that overflow from the site could impact groundwater supplies in the area.

Site operator Veolia has alerted the EA to the issue at the Wheal Jane mine, with water levels continuing to rise in the main mineshaft. This poses the risk of water contamination from the structure into the nearby Carnon River and Fal Estuary.


New Compact Turbimeter for Reliable Turbidity Measurement

altPalintest Ltd (UK), specialists in water analysis technology, is delighted to announce the launch of the new Compact Turbimeter featuring QuadoptiX advanced testing technology.

Designed for the field professional to test turbidity in drinking water, wastewater and surface water, the Compact Turbimeter is built around the new QuadoptiX optical bench. This new technology effectively uses two independent turbidity measurement systems for dual validation, resulting in improved reliability and accuracy – especially for samples with mobile or settling matter.


New Tadpole GPRS Data Logger Launched

altWith the costs of mobile communications falling and the costs of site visits rising, now is the time to switch from data loggers to wireless telemetry for routine data collection.

Isodaq Technology (UK) has launched Tadpole, which sets new standards for ease of deployment in tight spaces and harsh environments. Tadpole is a fully-fledged GPRS RTU outstation water-proofed to IP68 standards with the main board sealed for life, but with SIM cards and batteries field exchangeable, making Tadpole ideal for rapid deployment on short-term surveys.


Next-Generation Micro PMT Devices for Point-of-Care Testing and Other Applications

altHamamatsu Photonics K.K. (UK) has announced that from the 1st November 2012, it will begin shipping samples of its new μPMT (Micro PMT) assembly to manufacturers of analytical and measurement instruments.

The μPMT is a next-generation, ultra-compact photomultiplier tube that is fabricated through the use of in-house semiconductor processes for MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) devices. It can be mass produced, is only 1/7th of the volume and 1/9th of the weight of the smallest conventional photomultiplier tube.


Modbus Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

altThe EE160 HVAC transmitter with Modbus RTU output is the ideal solution for cost-effective installation in a bus system. The precision of E+E's advanced sensor technology is combined with the latest manufacturing techniques to create a product with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The E+E HCT01 humidity and temperature sensor used in the EE160 features outstanding protection against pollution which leads to excellent long term stability and to accuracy of ±2.5% across the entire working range.